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Tech for Patients - The DayOne Health Hack Kick-off Event

23. April 2020, 11:00 to 18:00

Microsoft Teams

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Patient centricity is much talked about. But do we really understand what it means to put patients at the starting point of the healthcare innovation process? At DayOne we want to find out.

Teaming up with EUPATI CH, University Hospital Basel and the Health Hacking Lab Basel, we are launching the DayOne Health Hack in close collaboration and with the strong support of established stakeholders from the ecosystem: Roche, Experientia, Novartis, Helsana, Takeda and Microsoft.


The DayOne Health Hack Journey will start on April 23 with the Kick-off Event: Tech for Patients. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this event will be bringing together Healthcare Innovators, Tech Enthusiasts and Professionals virtually. We will collect and evaluate digital capabilities, tools, ideas and data to best serve real world patient needs and thus enable the DayOne Health Hack in November 2020. If you are a software developer, tech provider, healthcare professional, researcher, medical expert or just curious to be part of a unique innovation experience, don’t miss this event.


When: 23 April, starting 11:00

Platform: Microsoft Teams



You will learn more about the DayOne Health Hack Innovation Journey. You will hear from our partners what patient centricity means for them and why it is so important. And last but not least, you will find out how you can get involved.





Introduction to the DayOne Health Hack, by Thomas Brenzikofer, Co-Founder DayOne, Manager Healthcare Innovation,



Presentation – Information Technology for Health –Microsoft


Presentation – Patient Centricity – What does that mean? – Michele Visciola, Founder and CEO of Experientia


Partner Talks – Pharma & Patient innovation – Roche, Novartis, Takeda






World Café Intro – Giovanni Nisato, Innovation Horizons and Co-Initiator of the DayOne Health Hack

How it works, what we want to achieve and how you can support us


Theme-based breakout sessions: data, software, hardware for hackathon, skill set for facilitation, reach out to community etc. - work sessions, 30 min each and 15 minutes breaks in between


How to make Patient-Centric Innovation happen – Partner Talks  

EUPATI CH, Health Hacking Lab, Helsana, University Hospital Basel



Takeaways from the sessions and next steps



Hang out and network - channel stays open for virtual apéro








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