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Agile manufacturing - The new digital area for ABB’s semiconductors factory

25. March 2020, 13:00 to 17:30

ABB Schweiz AG, Segelhofstrasse 9P, 5405 Dättwil

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Industry 4.0 – Concept to implementation

Industry 4.0 and the impact of digitalization is a much-debated subject, with many organizations still struggling with its implementation. The questions are many and diverse


  • What exactly is Industry 4.0?
  • Should digital be implemented company-wide or within selected business areas first?
  • Can implementation be handled in-house or what external advice and expertise should be sought?
  • How will digital affect turnover, sales and profits and when will I see a return on investment?
  • Are my employees and the corporate hierarchy prepared for the implementation and change?


ABB’s journey through Industry 4.0 started in 2014, when “factory automation” were just buzzwords. One project in particular emerged as the most promising and involved the total automation of the Semiconductor discrete backend process in ongoing operation: The project was called “Genesis”. Following initial concept studies, Genesis was earmarked as a project of high investment and risk. To demonstrate the feasibility, to minimize the risk and to justify the investment, a pilot line containing the new technologies and concepts was installed and tested over 18 months.

Based on the project ABB has formulated a vision that encompasses a holistic approach for Industry 4.0 / Digitalization.


With the presentation today, Peter B. Meier wants to share his experience, the challenges and the vision of the digital transformation process leading to secure the local production sites.


In three additional workshops we want to share other aspects of the trends in the Industry 4.0:


  • 3D printing in medical environment
  • Non-destructive quality control in production environments done in real time
  • Big Data analytics


Target audience for this event are Entrepreneurs, CEO, CTO, Production Manager and Industry 4.0 Manager.


The event will be in English.


Seats are limited and registration is mandatory. Registration